I Can’t Wait

Falling in love young was my biggest mistake, because I can’t wait to grow up together. I love my boyfriend to death and most days I can’t do anything but imagine what it will be like when I wake up to his amazing smile everyday. I thank god for his parents who raised him into the man of my dreams. I can’t wait until the day that I can truly be his forever. We’ve had a long four years together and I hope we have many more! But tonight I can’t wait to be the next Mrs. B.


Left is November 2012; Right is November 2015  ❤





Toys I got for Christmas

For Christmas my baby sister got me some new make up and I thought I would share it with you and the swatches. It’s from the brand Elizabeth Arden. From research I would classify this as a high end beauty line. Below are the swatches and Products I received,  I will also include links to the web sites if you would like to purchase them for yourself 🙂

Upon first impression I think this will be very nice make up. All of the lipsticks and eye shadows are very pigmented. Im super excited to get to use my new products (I will tomorrow and let you all know how it really works)

Not pictured is a brush set I received called Elizabeth Arden Brush Essentials 5-Piece Set. I it a nice set that includes all of the basic brushes you would need

This is the two eye shadow pallets included in the gift set I got. The one on the left is the Night and the right is the Day pallet. They also both include a blush. IMG_7047.JPG

Next is the swatches of all of the other products I got. These are the swatches for both the Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss Set and the Elizabeth Arden Holiday Blockbuster


Finally here are what all of the products packaging looked like.


As I said I am super excited to experiment with my newest additions, and venture into the world of wearing lipstick! I will post future makeup looks once I get the hang of all of the newness!

I hope you all had a blessed Christmas with your family and friends and had as magical of a day as I did 🙂

The Gift of Love (based of a true story)

This is a true story that I wrote two years ago my first month in college, when my family had a horrific event occur in our lives the Christmas prior. It has changed me and made me the woman I am today. So in honor of today being the day the Christmas Jar is to be given away I felt it was a great fit for today’s post. Enjoy 🙂 and Merry Christmas!

The Gift of Love

My heart went cold as I sat in my school’s guidance office and our Police Officer told me there had been a fire. I couldn’t move, as guidance counselor handed me the phone and told me my mom would like to talk to me. I was kind of in shock as my mom asked if I wanted her to come get me. I sat and waited for her as my guidance counselor called my boyfriend down to the office. I sat there waiting, not knowing what exactly to expect when she got there. Just as she got there, so did my boyfriend. When she had both of us in her arms she just cried. My mom was so happy just to see that we were safe. My boyfriend wanted to leave with us but he wasn’t allowed to. So he had to stay at school, which was hard for him. We left and went down to the Jr. High to get my middle sister but she didn’t know what was going on. My mom took us to my grandmas because they didn’t want us down at the house where the fire had been. But she had to go back,

So it was just my sister and I. I told her what had happened and she cried and cried and it killed me to see her cry that much. I felt helpless and had no clue what to do.

The rest of that day my mind was the smoke filled rooms of the house that I could only imagine. The only thing I remember from that day is the ash covered people coming in and out of my grandmother’s house carrying our possessions that were ruined but we could probably salvage, and the sound of my little sister crying because she wanted to go home, and the overwhelming smell of smoke that would surround me for the next few weeks. We had nothing but what we took to school with us that day. My Supportive grandma was willing to let us stay with her till we found a new house. But that night we were faced with a problem. So my mother pulled me into a room and said she needed to talk to me. I had no clue what was coming. She said, “Do you realize Christmas is in 10 days?” I replied, “That means everything you already bought is gone now” “Yes, and now we don’t have money to go buy all of the gifts again” she sobbed. As the oldest of three I said “Don’t worry about me, just make sure we can make it as normal as we can for the girls.” My Mom just stood there and cried. She was so proud of me for caring more about my younger sisters than my self.

But then someone knocked on my grandmother’s front door. So my mom answered it. She had no idea who the woman was, but she handed my mom a huge garbage bag full of clothes and shoes and everyday necessities. The woman said she had heard what had happened and wanted to help out. After that the woman turned to leave and as they were walking away all they said was “Happy Holidays”.

My mom was dumbfounded. Did a stranger really just do that? A few hours later my little sister’s teacher and a few other teachers came with clothes for us girls to wear, and hair accessories, and shoes, and a stuffed animal for each of us. As it got late people stopped showing up, but the phone never stopped ringing. Then, for days and days after, people kept bringing us clothes or offering anything they could to us or simply just giving us money. I had never hugged so may people in my life. But just the same I’ve never cried so much in my life, either. People I knew, people I didn’t, just kept telling me how bad they felt about it and they were sorry for our loss. And everyone wanted to help out. Either giving us something or money, they all just wanted to help.

But the most amazing thing happened on Christmas Eve. My Grandma always has a party, and this year was no different. We helped get ready and prepare food. Then, as always, all of our family started showing up. Bringing things they thought we still might need, because they wanted to help too. But the party went on as usual. The men standing in the kitchen drinking and picking at the mountains of food, the woman sitting in the living room telling stories about their grandchildren, the young kids running up and down the stairs between the basement full of toys and the kitchen where they could sneak cookies from the table. It all felt normal. No one treated us any different or made it seem like they felt bad for us. We were all just family having a big Christmas party.

At one point my mom and I were sitting in the front room when someone knocked on the door. To us, this was odd, because on Christmas Eve, people just walk in. When my mom went to the door, there was a stranger there. The Person handed my mom a bag and said, “Merry Christmas” and then left. We didn’t really know what to think. My mom proceeded to open the bag, and in it was a large mason jar with money in it and a book that was titled “ The Christmas Jar”. The next few days she began to read and then finish the book. I’ve never read it, but my mom has told me that the person that receives it starts their own jar to give to someone in a time a need, and after all this that had happened to us in the last few weeks, I began to realize that whether people are your family or complete strangers, none of them want to see you hurting and helpless. Everyone wants to help out. It’s so great to be part of such a loving community, from my guidance counselor that was there to check up on me every day, to the stranger with the jar full of money. I learned I will always cherish what I have and where I’m from, and any time I can give back to this community that helped my family out so much, I will. But more importantly I learned that the things like family or friends are one of the most important things in life. Wealth isn’t measured in what you can hold in your hands, but the love that you receive from the ones surrounding you that will forever be in your heart.


That’s a quote from one of my favorite Christmas movies Eloise at Christmastime. Ever since I was a little girl I would always say this two days before Christmas, when all of my gifts are wrapped and ready to go (check) there are cookies baked for Santa (check) and I’m ready for two days filled with tons of family, food, and love! Now to just sit back and get through these two days of work before I can enjoy all of that! I’m not going to write a whole lot because this is a time of family togetherness so I’m just going to say Merry Christmas and I’ll see all you babes tomorrow!


Work Work and more Work

This week I am super stressed out because I am working every single day! It’s crazy that some people at my job have like two or three days off this week and next week and me,  20 year old girl who should be having fun on her winter break is working everyday of the week. It makes it really hard to get in the feel of Christmas as well. I’m just so annoyed at everyone there that I just want to get through this holiday season alive on the other side. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish for myself over this 5 week break but it’s becoming to look impossible to get anything done. I want snow and family and relaxation. I want to get my permit so I don’t have to be so dependent, I wanna get my hair cut drastically (I’ll talk about that in a future post 😀 ), and I wanted a new tattoo or piercing.. (Also probably discussed in a future post). Most of all I really want to see my best friend whom i haven’t seen since June. BUT no I must be trapped in the bakery making food for all of you lazy folks who won’t bake their own cookies this holiday season….

END RANT! haha

Do we make mistakes or Do mistakes make us?

Today after waking up and reading about the Miss Universe controversy, and also having a family emergency, I began to ponder the question…

Do we make mistakes or is it the mistake that makes us who we are?

We as humans make mistakes every day, and if we didn’t make those mistakes we wouldn’t be where we are at this very second. Mistakes yes can be painful possibly emotionally and physically, but every mistake shapes us into the person we are supposed to be. Heck my sisters and I wouldn’t even be here if it hadn’t been for someones mistake. I don’t believe mistakes are made for us to learn lessons. I feel that mistakes are made to show us who were truly meant to be. Some require you to step us and take responsibility for your own actions, some show you that your truly stronger than you ever thought you were, and some mistakes break you down and show you where your meant to be. If your religious you believe that God has it all planned out for you, and if not the universe works in mysterious ways to get you to wherever your going. All that’s for certain is….

Life is full of successes and failures, victories and defeats, good intentions….

and mistakes……

Simple Sacrifices for Love

Friday, I as I assume a large percentage of America did, I accompanied my boyfriend to the new Star Wars movie. Now I had previously seen a few of the films but not all of them. Honestly I had only seen those because of him.

Now to talk about the film, it was very good. Even though I had limited knowledge it was such a good movie. I was interested and engaged the entire time. But one thing that made it the best was to hear the love of my life in the seat next to me “ohhhing and ahhing” like a little boy. Seeing the smile on his face when it was over was the most priceless thing ever. This moment made me realize why I do some things. I don’t sit through movies like this because I want to, I don’t watching him play COD or Fallout because I find it entertaining, I don’t like football because I have no idea whats going on. I do all of these things and many more because I love to see the smile on his face.

I’ve been in this relationship for almost four years now and if I’ve learned anything it’s that when my boy is happy I am the happiest girl in the world. It warms my heart to do these things that he likes, and in return he does many tings for me, even though I know he doesn’t want to.

If your in love you sacrifice your needs and desires for the one you love. You might let them choose where you grab dinner, or the show you don’t really like on TV but you power though it for them. I would give anything to see a smile on this boys face every day… all because I love him.


Christmas is heating up

So here it is almost a week before Christmas and its like 50 degrees outside. To me that is like a perfect temperature but I also keep thinking about why its happening. Now I don’t know to much about science but I’m going to guess that it has something to do with “Global Warming”. I’m not to sure what is going on.. all I know is that it’s really hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner, when there’s green grass out side on the corner. It’s crazy that I’m wishing for snow because as soon as snow starts to fall the first thing I’m going to say is “What the heck it was like 50 yesterday!” But maybe if it snows it’ll feel a bit more like Christmas, and a little less like Christmas in July.


He puts me though hell, but I call it love

Controlling me, but I call it protection

Yelling and cursing, but I say he’s just making his point

Telling me what to do, but I call it guidance

I’m not wrong, he’s protecting me

guiding me to answers I need

Making impacts with every word he barks at me….

but is he protecting me or himself?

There shouldn’t be good and bad days

We shouldn’t have a public relationship to show as we cover our real one

I shouldn’t be living like this

Because he puts me through hell, but

I call it