Simple Sacrifices for Love

Friday, I as I assume a large percentage of America did, I accompanied my boyfriend to the new Star Wars movie. Now I had previously seen a few of the films but not all of them. Honestly I had only seen those because of him.

Now to talk about the film, it was very good. Even though I had limited knowledge it was such a good movie. I was interested and engaged the entire time. But one thing that made it the best was to hear the love of my life in the seat next to me “ohhhing and ahhing” like a little boy. Seeing the smile on his face when it was over was the most priceless thing ever. This moment made me realize why I do some things. I don’t sit through movies like this because I want to, I don’t watching him play COD or Fallout because I find it entertaining, I don’t like football because I have no idea whats going on. I do all of these things and many more because I love to see the smile on his face.

I’ve been in this relationship for almost four years now and if I’ve learned anything it’s that when my boy is happy I am the happiest girl in the world. It warms my heart to do these things that he likes, and in return he does many tings for me, even though I know he doesn’t want to.

If your in love you sacrifice your needs and desires for the one you love. You might let them choose where you grab dinner, or the show you don’t really like on TV but you power though it for them. I would give anything to see a smile on this boys face every day… all because I love him.



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