Work Work and more Work

This week I am super stressed out because I am working every single day! It’s crazy that some people at my job have like two or three days off this week and next week and me,  20 year old girl who should be having fun on her winter break is working everyday of the week. It makes it really hard to get in the feel of Christmas as well. I’m just so annoyed at everyone there that I just want to get through this holiday season alive on the other side. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish for myself over this 5 week break but it’s becoming to look impossible to get anything done. I want snow and family and relaxation. I want to get my permit so I don’t have to be so dependent, I wanna get my hair cut drastically (I’ll talk about that in a future post 😀 ), and I wanted a new tattoo or piercing.. (Also probably discussed in a future post). Most of all I really want to see my best friend whom i haven’t seen since June. BUT no I must be trapped in the bakery making food for all of you lazy folks who won’t bake their own cookies this holiday season….

END RANT! haha


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