I learned to love from Counrty Music

Being the romantic I am, I always wish for fairy tales. To me love is this perfect thing where both people could never want anything more than to be with the other. The boy randomly shows up when the girl needs him the most, flowers ( or food ) in hand coming to the rescue when her world is crashing down. He looks at her with so much love even if she isn’t looking back.

I have come to the conclusion that I feel this way about love because of country music. I have been exposed to country music my entire life and it is a big driving point of how I want to be loved. I think that every girl deserves to be love like a country love song. The love is so pure and deep and idealistic. I just want that someday.

I figured this out because have you ever listened to a song and instantly thought of someone. No matter what the song is, break up, love, party, every country song makes me think of the boy I love. I’m in love with country music, with how it makes me feel, and what it gives me hope for someday. It taught me what I deserve over the years, and if what I have now isn’t it (but I’m sure it is) then I know I’ll have killer break up songs to get me through it haha.


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