A big donation

The other day I got my hair cut and it was a big commitment! I have had long hair for about four years now and I absolutely love it!

   it curls so nicely and looks super pretty in a bun on top of my head! There was hundreds of hair styles I could do with it. But I had recently gotten into a rut not just with my hair but with my life! I wore the same makeup every day and the same hair style! Along with the same kind of outfit. So I decided 2016 was time for a change. I was going to venture outside my comfort zone and change my life!

 this was the last picture I took before…..

 that’s right 11 inches laying on the salon table! I chose to donate my hair so that a child battling cancer could have some hair! I have done this one other time in my life and not only is it a fresh start for me but also a child in need! So here is is the end results!

 its going to take some getting used to but I love it and I think it will help not only the child who receives it but me as well!


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