is it your job?

Relationships are very key in life. Without other people, we would all go mad. Simply we as humans need to build relationships to survive life. Whether the relationship is a deep connection or not, you develop some connection with every person that you meet. Other people affect your life in huge ways, and through the relationships you build with family, friends, and romantic partners, you discover who to go to when you’re in need of support.

Family is always the first relationship you develop because they’re there from the moment you’re born and they are the most important relationship you establish. You spend most of your life around them; therefore they usually know your life aspirations and dreams you wish to accomplish. No matter how whimsical or crazy those dreams may be, your family will always love and support you through anything. Family is one of the few relationships in life that you don’t actually get to choose. You’re born into the family you’ll have for life, so no matter what you’ll always have someone. One of the most valuable things you learn from your family is how to build trusting friendships.

Friendships have different meaning depending on your age at the time, but they are always there for the same reason. Your friends are there when you feel you can’t go to your family. You don’t usually share all your dreams with them, but more personal problems that you don’t wish to share with your family. Friends usually offer advice from their own experiences. They aren’t always correct, but generally they give you advice that helps you out in some way. But most importantly through those friendships, you eventually may find some one who gives you butterflies when you look at him or her, and most of the time, they become a crush or in more serious cases, a romantic partner.

Your romantic partner is there for a completely different reason that the others. It can take you years to find the right one for you. Once you do though, they are there for a big reason. They are there to let you know, no matter what they’ll love you. You can tell them anything in the world and they will be honest with you whether it’s positive or not. They’re really there for emotional support in situations in which your family can’t know what you’re going through and your friends can’t help. This one very special person will always tell you what they think and love you, no matter what choices you make in life.

All of these people are there for you and support you in different ways. Your family is always there to boost you up when you’re feeling down, and they always support your dreams. Friends are there to offer their advice to help you out in a situation, and your romantic partner is there to keep you calm and reassure you that no matter what you’ll be fine and they’ll love you through anything, and that’s all you truly need.


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