Things I never thank my mom for but probably should

For years I’ve taken everything my mother does for me for granted. I never once had ever thought about what she went through until I became older. Now that I’m in my 20’s my mom is more like my best friend. She feels comfortable telling anything and confiding in me for advice when she’s lost and has no where else to turn. Little does she realize I’m only the caring, wise, loving, funny person she confides in because that’s who she raised me to be. So I’ve come up with a list of things that I don’t think I’ve ever thanked my mother for but every girl should. I love you Momma and Thank you for being you!

1.) The first thing is providing for me even when you couldn’t. You’ve always put my needs before your own, making sure I had everything I needed weather it was a new outfit for a dance, money to eat lunch, or just a place to call home.

2.) Next is teaching me how to find the bright side to everything and learning that no matter what everything works out in the end.

3.) For giving me the sense of humor and energy that gets me through everyday.

4.) For teaching me to be a leader when no one else will step up. In the past year I’ve needed to use these powerful leadership skills in some very different situations but each time I ask my self “what would Ma do?”

5.) For accepting every bratty, selfish, annoying thing I’ve done and always loving me once we get through it.

6.) For giving me you temper but also teaching me how to control it.

7.) For allowing me to assist you in raising my two amazing baby sisters and always keeping me in mind when it comes to choices we need to make as a family.

8.) For understanding that I may have given my heart away to a boy who I plan to marry some day, but knowing that a majority of it will always be yours.

9.) For always being straight and honest with me weather it’s easy or hard to do.

10.) For teaching me how to love with as much passion and hope as you.

11.) For being the shoulder I can cry on about absolutely anything with no judgment.

12.) and finally Thank you for teaching me what kind of mom I want to be in the future.

My mom is an amazing woman and I can only imagine what shes gone through raising us three girls. The thing I want to thank her for most is for purely being my mom, my rock, my inner voice, my biggest fan, my best friend.



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  1. Anonymous · January 12, 2016

    Your truly amazing!


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