Sometimes even you rock needs a rock

With a lot going on, I feel amazing that I can be there for my mom, not only as a loving child but as a best friend. At this point in life I’m not afraid to tell her what she needs to hear, there’s no use to sugar coat something that needs to be said, especially if it’s what i feel is best for her. Sometimes even the strongest, most powerful, brave, and kind person you know needs some one to be the shoulder to cry on. And I will be that for my mom any day! She is probably the most influential person in my life and it is an honor that she respects my opinions as an adult, my choice with my life, and is strong enough to come to me when she just can’t keep it all together. I love my mom more than anyone in the world, and nothing will ever change that! Sometimes you gotta support the one who’s always supported you, and your probably just what they need!


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