Update on the blog..

So as I’ve been writing I still haven’t decided what my main purpose is with the blog. It’s more just kind of somewhere I can express what I’m feeling and thinking, and I hope everyone’s liking that. It’s kind of a hodgepodge of different types of post which I hope is appealing to different types of viewers…

For anyone who reads my blog no matter what it is thank you for bearing with my crazy thought process haha. I love seeing people actually visiting my blog. So thank you again.

I really like what I’m doing with this which is just writing what I feel, and if I’m absolutely not feeling anything I just don’t post ( which I’ve had a few of those days ) I don’t wanna define this as a beauty blog, or a family blog, or even a journal blog. I just want to be me, expressing my 20’s through digital posting, and if no one as any problems, I’m just gonna keep trucking!

I will admit now that school has started there may not be a post everyday, but I’m certainly going to try! If your only interested in certain kinds of posts I have been categorizing them so you can go into that category if you would like as well. 😀

Have a good weekend everyone!




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