Things my baby sister needs to know

My other mother (my mom’s best friend) recently found out that she is having her second child. Her daughter is currently 3 1/2 (the picture above was christmas when we got big sis little sis penguins) and you can tell she’s excited to become a big sissy, and I don’t blame her because it’s super exciting. I’ve been thinking about things I wish I knew when becoming a big sister for the first time. Mainly because she asked me to teach her how to be a big sissy. I plan on when it’s closer to time to create a “Big Sissy Kit” for her, and I can post that on here when I do that, but that awhile away yet. So here’s the list of things my baby sister needs to know about becoming the big sissy.

  1. Sharing things is super important. Yes you’ll have toys and things that are just yours but every toy is always better when you have someone to play with.
  2. They’ll be the first to hear your new-found wisdom as you grow and learn how life works. So be honest with them.
  3. No one can ever EVER pick on your sibling, and if they do you better do something about it. That’s a right only reserved for you!
  4. The inside jokes are endless and will live between you till the end of time (and it’s amazing)
  5. It will be practically impossible to stay angry with them for long. You will love them so much that staying mad will never work out.
  6. You gave them the rules to follow so make sure tell them before they get in trouble. The rules are only there because of something you did.
  7. You will always have someone who looks up to you, even if they get taller than you haha. You will always be the older sibling, therefore the role model in their life for quite sometime.
  8. No friendship will ever be stronger than this sibling bond, and don’t ever take that for granted.
  9. You are who you are because of them. You are no longer an only child and being an oldest child will change you forever. You will develop a leadership, mothering, controlling instinct as you grow because of helping out and eventually being put in charge of them. So in 20 years from now when your telling some other little girl what to expect when becoming a big sissy, know you only know those facts because of your younger siblings.
  10. The love you will have for them will be indescribable and no amount of words I can offer will ever prepare you for that.

I love all of my little sisters with all of my heart, biological or not12346531_938156729571902_5270474633222568354_nand I thank God every day for making me a big sister. It’s the Best!



One comment

  1. bubblybubbieblog · January 26, 2016

    I don’t now how you do it somedays lol but you are the best big sissy ever and don’t you forget that!!!


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