More New Meals

Again last week we tried a new recipe that I found. It really didn’t have a name so I called it Creamy Italian Chicken. I really love to marinate chicken in Italian dressing, so I thought this crock pot recipe would be great


First you need:

  • One pack of Italian dressing mix
  • One can of cream of chicken soup
  • 8oz of cream cheese (that was this whole stick)

You put all three of those ingredients into the crock pot and turn it on high to melt it. I left mine sit in 30 minute intervals between stirring it. It took about and hour for all of my ingredients to melt together and become smooth. If you allow the cream cheese to soften prior it may not that as long.


Once mixed fully it should look something like this


Then I just used chicken tender pieces and cut them into about one inch chunks



After you add the chicken you can mix it all together and let sit in the Crock pot. Here I added a splash of milk and Italian dressing to make it a bit easier to mix since the cream cheese was a bit thick.


While that cooked I made some basic white rice to serve with it


When it was finished cooking for about 2-3 hours I served it over the rice and with a side of chilled carrots

I think the meal turned out really well. My roommate and I even had a guest over for dinner and everyone seemed to enjoy it. All three plates were clean at the end of dinner. This recipe is easily adjustable for any family. I think next time I may add some veggies to the mixture its self and maybe some more milk because it was a tad thick, but it was great. The measurements for what I used feeds about 4-5 people. We ate all of the rice I made but chicken was left over so the next day I used what was left on pasta and it was also great. In this case though you would want it to be less thick. But it made a great leftover meal too πŸ™‚ I hope you try this out for yourself, I really recommend it, take it and make it your own with veggies and such. Happy Cooking πŸ˜€



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