So I’m still here!

Hi everyone, so it has been four or five days since I’ve written to you all. I’ve just been busy with school work since next week I go home for Spring Break. I’ve also just had a lot on my mind and didn’t really feel like writing. SO bare with me the posts will come back once I get back into my groove!




Things I don’t need

Recently I’ve been feeling like I needed to clean out my life, So whenever I come across something I’m not wearing or using I’m trying to use it up or throw it away. This is not something that comes easy for me. I am a person that keeps everything, notes, school papers, free sunglasses I never wear, clothes that no longer fit or are not in the best shape, dead pens… I keep everything. So with this change in my mind I went through my secondary makeup bag of things I don’t use on a daily basis and threw away some products that I can’t remember the last time I used them.


The left is and unmarked chap stick and the right is a cream eye shadow that I never usedIMG_7589IMG_7590

The left is a ELF clear brow gel and clear mascara that is empty so here is no reason to keep it.The right is an unmarked eyeliner


The left is a white Halloween makeup product and right is an LA Colors eyeliner that never really worked for me.


Left is one of my favorite products that I’ve repurchased a bunch of times. it’s and ELF concealer, but this one was just about empty. Right is a Babylips chap stick I never liked.IMG_7595

And this is a dried up liquid eyeliner from LA Colors.

Along with these things I’ve been throwing away other make up products and nail polishes that can’t be saved. Hopefully I can keep the clean out going and when the seasons change get rid of any winter clothes I didn’t wear. 🙂


How to get through the two weeks before a break

Its February 22nd! That means I have just under two weeks of classes before spring break. Half way through the spring semester! yay! So I figured I write the top things I do when a break is coming up!

  1. Make a List: This is actually what I do all the time. I love to make lists! But when a break is coming I like to write out ev:erything I need to do before I go home. Mostly school work and exams are on this list but if I know my work schedule I will write this into the list too. Making the list and getting to cross things off is like a daily reminder that I’m a step closer to break.
  2. Clean: This may sound silly but who doesn’t like to come back to a clean house. So leading up to a break everyday I clean something in the house. So that when I come back everything is neat and in order
  3. Eat at Home: This one is important because I don’t want food that I bought to go bad, so I try to eat meals at home so the food gets used up before I leave.
  4. Get all work done: Before a break I try to get all of my school work done so it’s one less thing I have to do while on break. So if there is an assignment due when we get back, I try to get it done before I leave. It also keeps you from procrastinating and waiting until the night you get back and having to rush and do it then.
  5. Pack: This doesn’t mean put everything in a bag and have it ready to go, but it doesn’t hurt to start to think about what you’ll be doing while your gone and planning outfits. This also helps you to not take home your whole wardrobe (yes, I’ve done that).

So these are the things I do to get prepared for a school break! Let’s hope these next two weeks aren’t to terrible. 🙂

A sonnet for a sonnet

Your idea stirs inside my head,

as I greatly await your birth.

Without you my major is dead,

and I sit here without worth.


One day in the future soon,

I shall teach about your form.

Knowledge flowing like a typhoon,

students minds will transform.


Back to the present,

as I sit here and think.

Rearranging words, trying to invent,

almost successful, on the brink.


Finally my masterpiece is done.

“Ha-ha poem, this time I won!”


I made my first Pot Roast! I was super excited to try this because I know it isn’t hard, but I typically gravitate to cooking white meats like chicken and pork because I’m more familiar with them. But after a few phone calls to my mom I Jenah made my very first pot roast!IMG_7573              IMG_7569

I went to Walmart to get all of my ingredients. For meat I got just a Top Sirloin Roast ( I had no idea what kind of beef to use ) and hoped for the best haha. I also got a packet of seasoning because I don’t have many spices at my house.


I put the meat in the crock pot along with some carrots and the seasoning. Then all I did was put some water in just to cover the bottom. I turned it on High for the first two hours and on Low for the last two.


Along with that I got a gravy mix to make it a little more saucey, and some noodles to eat with it.


After It cooked for about three hours I pulled it apart with a fork and added some gravy to the crock pot.


Then all I did was cook some pasta and served it up to my roommate. It was really good and it also made great left overs for a few days. I guess I’ll chalk this up as a success.

What my children will never experience

*Disclaimer: I love my parents, and this is no way against them. I am extremely grateful for the life I’ve been given because without all of my challenges I would not have become the strong, independent, young woman I am.

When you have divorced parents, parents that were never married, or just parents with a strained relationship dating can be a hard thing. You have little to no solid example of a successful relationship. I am one of these people. Often we enter relationships with the mindset that it probably won’t last and if it has the potential to last, we’ll go through with it feeling uncertain waiting for that straw to break the camels back, but that’s never stopped me from putting my self out there, searching for love, and trying to get a grasp on what it really feels like. If you happen to find that special someone who is a child of divorce, separation,or any type of break up, here are some things you gotta know. Most days I wish my boyfriend understood what some of these things feel like, but if he’ll never understand the feeling personally, at least I can try to explain.

    1. Honesty is the most important thing…even if it’s something we don’t want to hear. Never be passive-aggressive about anything and just keep it to yourself. We understand that bottling it all up can end up in disaster, rage, and spontaneous choices, so we’d rather you keep the peace by laying it all out on the table in a calm conversation. We’d gladly love to hear what you have to say, especially to avoid unnecessary tension and arguments.
    2. Next is commitment. Actions speak louder than words , which is why it’s important to be sure that you’re committed when entering a relationship with us. Fluffy nicknames and promises will be empty in our eyes, We want to feel the love daily, to make sure that it’s still there.
    3. Just Talk to us. The more you communicate, the easier it is for us to get to know who you really are, and once you feel comfortable let us into your heart, When you can open up is when we will also start to. We’d like you to be straightforward because it makes the relationship comfortable and balanced.
    4. We’ll be very loving. You’ll find that people like me will always want you to feel loved by keeping the spark in the relationship bright. We’ll freely give all our love and affection as a constant reminder of how much we love and care for you. And if you don’t reciprocate it or show appreciation we may begin to feel distant and unloved. So just show you love to us as much as you can.
    5. We’ll take care of you. We’ve taken good care of our parents during their times of pain, as well as our younger siblings. Those days where mom was at work and dad wasn’t around we may have had to step up into the role of parent. so we’ll do the same for you. We’ll be the first to buy ibuprofen when you feel a head ache coming on or send you funny memes via text whenever you’re going through a bad day. Maybe even cook you some food.
    6. We over-think things. Even if things are going right, we can’t help but be in doubt and in our head about every single thing. We’ll almost always think a little too deeply into things like harmless teasing or neutral statements or even one letter texts, don’t even get me started about those obviously generic tweets.We instantly think the worst and in turn can hurt not only ourselves but also you.
    7. We put effort into dating. We want you to feel appreciated, loved, and like your the luckiest person in the world so we’ll put a lot of thought into our dates and gifts for you, never minding going an extra mile to be romantic. We don’t want you to feel neglected because we understand that feeling all too well.
    8. We like confrontation. Seriously. Confrontation helps us to tackle any problems in a relationship and find a solution. Honestly our relationships feed off of arguments. We will get mad at the stupidest thing and end up causing a huge fight (see over thinking again haha) but It reassures us that the relationship will last, get through it, and helps us improve ourselves.
    9. We never want to put a child through this. I feel that this is the most important thing you need to know. MY child will never know what if feels like to go between homes, they will never know what its like to hear both sides of their parents story, they will never have to pick sides and then be made to feel guilty when the other parent isn’t happy, and they will NEVER ONLY HAVE ONE PARENT IN THEIR LIFE! If we’re going to marry and have children one day I don’t want them to feel any of these things. I deserved so much better than this, and my child is no different. So unless your in it for the long run take a hike.

I never want my child to know what any of these things, I just want them to be happy children without a care in the world about their parents relationship! That’s my biggest dream, to have children with the man I love and live happily ever after….. finally.





Alternative ways to remove nail polish (test)

So I ran out of nail polish remover the other day, but my nail polish way looking pretty rough after a week of having it on my nails.


I began to think about what else I could use to get it off. Picking it off is horrible for your nails so I chose against that. I looked up three different ways to take off nail polish and found a few that I could try.

  • Hair Spray
  • Body Spray/ Purfume
  • Fresh Nail Polish

First I tried the hair spray. I sprayed some on my nail, and wiped it off with a cotton pad. I was hopeful for this one but it did absolutely nothing.


So I moved on to the Body Spray. Again I did the same thing, and Nothing….


The last one I wasn’t to hopeful for, it seemed silly to put more nail polish on when I was trying to take it off. But then I learned that nail polish only hardens because a certain chemical evaporates out of it. So when you introduce that chemical again, it becomes soft again. So it worked! I was so happy to get it off. It did take a few applications of the polish and then wiping it off.


But after a few coats of polish and some patience it all came off nicely and I’m super happy with it. So if you’re ever low on nail polish remover, just apply some more nail polish and it’ll come off in no time.


A Make up look that is sure to WOW your Boyfriend

IMG_7452I was thinking about make up the other day, and came to a realization that my boyfriend couldn’t care less if I’m wearing make up. He’s never going to notice that the purple eye shadow makes my hazel eyes “pop”. He doesn’t know what I’m talking about when I say my cat eye is perfect, and he certainly doesn’t care that I can’t find the perfect foundation color because he doesn’t understand why I put make up on if you can’t see it. My boyfriend would prefer to see my face the way it is. Not caked with creams and powders that have altered me appearance. Don’t get me wrong I love make up. I love tutorials on you tube, I love looking at all the new products and reading reviews, and I love trying to create looks on my own face. But that’s the point it’s something that I love. I’m not doing it for any one else. My boyfriend loves the true me, he didn’t ask me out because my eyebrows were “On Fleek” he asked me out because he was interested in the real me. So if you really want to put on a make up look that will have your boyfriend drooling, put the brushes down and the palettes away, wash your face off, and be yourself 🙂

Oooo Burn!

I try to take good care of my face, washing it with face wash that is supposed to help my skin and with acne. At the end of January I was in a bad habit of not washing my face and just using a make up wipe to get the make up off. One night i decided to start washing my face again. I’ve been using the same products for years but i don’t usually use both at the same time….that was my mistake.


Now this picture was when i first woke up. My skin looked all red and itched a bit, it also felt very dry and was very warm to the touch. Soon i realized that I combined the chemicals in the two face products and basically caused a chemical reaction on my face. I immediately washed my face with a soft soap just to get the rest of the product off of my skin. It took all of my patience to not just put foundation on and forget about it but my skin needed to breathe.

*Make sure when using face products that have power chemicals in them to not combine them. and if is is a severe burn make sure you see your doctor. I was luck that mine didnt cause peeling or scabbing, and now i know to be much careful with the mixture of products.


So I got a bit crafty

I’ve always been known to want to create. I was an art student in highschool as well as a music student too so the itch to create objects, art, or music was always fulfilled! Within the last year that desire has came back to me and j started painting a few things.. A canvas for my mom, a set of four paintings for my boyfriend to decorate his new room.

Today while I was laying around my house I had an idea. I love to burn candles, and once they’re gone I hate the idea of throwing the cute little jars away, so with help from an inspiring pin I saw on Pinterest I decided to jazz them up a bit!

  I started with two empty candle jars that I scraped the left over wax out of, and just some cheap paint from Walmart. Then all I did was pour some paint into the jar and try to coat the inside. 
 Then I noticed that there was still pieces of wax in the jar making for an unappealing look.. So I cleaned the jars out a bit better and started again.

I didn’t put much paint in because I didn’t want to waist a whole bunch, but I poured some in and began moving the jar and tapping it on the table to get the paint evenly distributed on the inside of the jar, then I did the lids as well.  

 Now that they are fully coated I set them on a plastic bag upside down and out of the way so that they could dry and any excess paint would drip off onto the plastic. 

 I was super suprised how long it took for them the completely dry. I had to let them sit for several days. After they were dry and I realized that I could no longer put the lids back on because of the paint. But reguardless they are super cute and I’m really happy how they turned out.  

   I use them around my room as cute decor/storage for things like bobbiepins and the jewelry I wear on a daily basis. They look super cute and could be a great gift idea as well