Gift Ideas For your man

I feel like a gift is something from the heart, that you should be able to surprise your loved one with something they would really like. I have done this in the past, I got my boyfriend a record which is cool because he loves music, but some years it’s heart felt gifts that you make that really win. So here are a few of my favorites.

  • The first is “Open When Letters” I gave these to my boyfriend when I left for college three years ago. What you do is write a few letters that would offer some comfort or excitement in a certain situation. They are a great way to show you care and will always be there for them. A few ideas are
    • Open when your sad
    • Open when you have a great day
    • Open when you need a little extra love
    • Open when your on your way to see me
    • Open when you need some support
  • Next is 52 reasons why I love you. I made these four years ago and to this day if he ever needs to hear some extra love he reads through them. What you do is take a deck of cards and turn them into a booklet. Then you write one thing you love on each page of the book you just made. It’s cute and simple and is a really nice gift.
  • Another thing is hand made cards. My boyfriend loves star wars so for the last four years I have personally made him a Valentines day card with star wars puns on them. I know this seems super silly but it’s something that is personal and sweet because I combine my love for him and something he’s always loved.
  • Finally paint him something. I painted four canvas’s with his favorites album covers on for Christmas. He loved them, and it also made me feel good that he like something I made with my own hands. You could paint anything, quotes, pictures, anything he’ll like. I’m sure no matter what it is he will love it.

Here are just a few things that I’ve done for my boyfriend. He’s love every single one because I put my heart and work into something for him. If you try any of these I hope all goes well. Stay tuned for what to get your girl….


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