Love is Whatever

Love isn’t like riding a bike,

sometimes you forget how to do it.

Then you’re left on the side of the road,

waiting for someone to pick you up.

Yes, it’s great while you can maintain

puting all you energy into going through the ups

and downs,

but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the others around you.

Love isn’t like a piece of cake.

It can look perfect on the outside to everyone,

but on the inside it can be dry and crumbly .

It’s not always sweet and happy like cake,

at times it can be bitter and cold,

but sometimes that’s what you need.

Love isn’t like a flashlight.

It can be a dark and scary place that’s unknown.

Sometimes the unexpected jumps out at you,

it can be good

or it can be bad

But maybe it’s just what you’re looking for.

At the end of the day,

it doesn’t matter what love is or isn’t.

It could be a fork that stabs you in the heart,

or a puppy that makes your heart melt with one look.

Love can be anything,

it’s hard to do sometimes,

it isn’t always sweet,

and can be very scary.

But as long as it’s wholesome,

honest love,

the rest doesn’t matter.


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