Gift Ideas for your Girl

Now girls are way different than guys, still you could get a super personal gift but here are a few suggestions for gifts my roommate and I came up with.

  • Big teddy bear. Every girl would love a giant teddy bear
  • flowers. You can never go wrong with surprising a girl with flowers
  • surprise bag with a new outfit and a time to be ready. your girl will love that you not only took the time to get an outfit ready for her, but be super excited that you took the time to plan a date.
  • Framed Picture of You guys. This is one of my favorites, just take some time and pick out one of your favorite photos of you. It doesn’t matter how old or new it is as long as its from the heart
  • Love note or poem
  • Jewelry that’s meaningful to both of you
  • Just a day date. Spend some time either going out and having a day together, or stay at home baked some cookies and eat them all while watching movies.

Girls really aren’t hard to get things for for Valentines day as long as you put your heart into it and try to make her smile you’ll be a winner!


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