My Top Three Favorite Valentines

So Ive gotten many valentines over the years but my current boyfriend has been on point with everything he’s done for my favorite holiday so I would tell you about my three favorite things he’s ever done for me on valentines day.

Third Place: is Valentines day 2012. We were not yet dating but that was because I wouldn’t say yes to him just yet because I had a lot going on in my life. That year He gave me his class ring… now I know that may sound cliche but there was a reason. Prior to us being interested in one another when we were talking just as friends I had shown him a list I created that had things my dream man would do, and spoiler getting his class ring was on that list. Now I don’t remember nor do I have that list, but five years later I still have that ring and around this time every year I begin to wear it because it reminds me that he loved me even before I knew it. 

 Second Place: is Valentines day 2014. Here we were approaching our two year anniversary so he know me pretty well. I was in utter disbelief when he presented me with this gift and your probably going to question why this isn’t my number one. In 2014 he got me tickets to see Bruno Mars for valentines day. This is a big deal for many reasons, one being that he hates pop music so him being willing to go was the first amazing part, not to mention how much they cost. I was so excited when the concert finally came around 5 months later and we had an amazing time together.

First Place: is Valentines day 2013. We were seniors in high school and had been together just shy of a year. That year he actually had a school field trip on valentines day so we started a tradition of celebrating on the 15th, but when I got to college that got messed up too… anyway so Since I couldn’t participate on actual senior skip day because of extracurricular rules, we decided to skip school on the 15th and he took me to the mall, we got to have lunch together, do some shopping, and then we went to build a bear. We each made a bear that we felt represented ourselves. Then when we were done we gave them to one another so that when I left for college we could both have a piece of each other to hold every night. I think this stands as my favorite valentine ever because it means so much to me. Here I am three years later and I’ve only slept without that bear a handful of times, and all of those time when I didn’t have the bear I actually had my boyfriend. IMG_0884

Valentines aren’t always about the money you spend, theyre about the heart you put into them. That bear has a piece of my boyfriend inside of it, and I carry that with me wherever I go.



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