Nails for Valentines Day part 2

I had all intention to create another nail look but I just got to occupied and didn’t get to it. But never fear I still have something to share! 

My manicure for Valentines Day week (one of the only weeks I wear red polish on my fingers) is super simple.

I used a Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear” nail polish that I got for Christmas. It’s in the color 570|390 Red Carpet. The color is a deep red with small grain glitter. But when applied the glitter is hard to see. Anyway it’s a pretty color for my Valentines week.  

BUT… I wasn’t going to leave you hanging without any nail inspiration. On my Timehop app today I was suprised with this photo and thought I would offer it as a nail art idea. 

It’s very similar to what I did last week except I was more adventurous two years ago. I love mixing the black with the red, and even layering differs types of polish. If your interested in any of these polishes in the photo leave me a comment and I’ll got through my nail polishes and figure it out!



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