How am I celebrating? 

As I’ve said before I will not be with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day this year 😦 but when I was home this past weekend he took me to dinner and we kind of had our own “fake Valentines Day” as he called it! I love getting him valentines and I put a lot of thought into it every year. This year I came up with a super cute idea! For the last four years I’ve handmade him a Star Wars love pun card, so this year I took the puns a step forward.

I purchased a bottle of whiskey that I knew he wanted to try.. And boom instant cute Valentine after I dressed it up a bit! I also got him a cheap pair of silk valentines day boxers from Walmart because he loves them for some reason, and I tied them to the bottle! It was super cute and easy and he’ll enjoy it for awhile!


As for my roommate, neither one of us will be with our boyfriends, so we decided to have a date night together. We’re going to go out to dinner together, and then just have a nice night waiting for The Walking Dead to return so it should be fun! For her valentine this year I made her a little arrangement as well as a card like I do every year. This year I included Hershey kisses in it! I hope she likes it 🙂




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