So I got a bit crafty

I’ve always been known to want to create. I was an art student in highschool as well as a music student too so the itch to create objects, art, or music was always fulfilled! Within the last year that desire has came back to me and j started painting a few things.. A canvas for my mom, a set of four paintings for my boyfriend to decorate his new room.

Today while I was laying around my house I had an idea. I love to burn candles, and once they’re gone I hate the idea of throwing the cute little jars away, so with help from an inspiring pin I saw on Pinterest I decided to jazz them up a bit!

  I started with two empty candle jars that I scraped the left over wax out of, and just some cheap paint from Walmart. Then all I did was pour some paint into the jar and try to coat the inside. 
 Then I noticed that there was still pieces of wax in the jar making for an unappealing look.. So I cleaned the jars out a bit better and started again.

I didn’t put much paint in because I didn’t want to waist a whole bunch, but I poured some in and began moving the jar and tapping it on the table to get the paint evenly distributed on the inside of the jar, then I did the lids as well.  

 Now that they are fully coated I set them on a plastic bag upside down and out of the way so that they could dry and any excess paint would drip off onto the plastic. 

 I was super suprised how long it took for them the completely dry. I had to let them sit for several days. After they were dry and I realized that I could no longer put the lids back on because of the paint. But reguardless they are super cute and I’m really happy how they turned out.  

   I use them around my room as cute decor/storage for things like bobbiepins and the jewelry I wear on a daily basis. They look super cute and could be a great gift idea as well



  1. Lili · February 15, 2016

    Love this!


  2. Branded Value · February 17, 2016

    Love these! I just created a list of ways to reuse the jars, but didn’t think about painting really 🙂


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