Oooo Burn!

I try to take good care of my face, washing it with face wash that is supposed to help my skin and with acne. At the end of January I was in a bad habit of not washing my face and just using a make up wipe to get the make up off. One night i decided to start washing my face again. I’ve been using the same products for years but i don’t usually use both at the same time….that was my mistake.


Now this picture was when i first woke up. My skin looked all red and itched a bit, it also felt very dry and was very warm to the touch. Soon i realized that I combined the chemicals in the two face products and basically caused a chemical reaction on my face. I immediately washed my face with a soft soap just to get the rest of the product off of my skin. It took all of my patience to not just put foundation on and forget about it but my skin needed to breathe.

*Make sure when using face products that have power chemicals in them to not combine them. and if is is a severe burn make sure you see your doctor. I was luck that mine didnt cause peeling or scabbing, and now i know to be much careful with the mixture of products.



One comment

  1. MyStyleInsideOut · February 17, 2016

    That’s scary! I hope your face is better now.


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