I made my first Pot Roast! I was super excited to try this because I know it isn’t hard, but I typically gravitate to cooking white meats like chicken and pork because I’m more familiar with them. But after a few phone calls to my mom I Jenah made my very first pot roast!IMG_7573              IMG_7569

I went to Walmart to get all of my ingredients. For meat I got just a Top Sirloin Roast ( I had no idea what kind of beef to use ) and hoped for the best haha. I also got a packet of seasoning because I don’t have many spices at my house.


I put the meat in the crock pot along with some carrots and the seasoning. Then all I did was put some water in just to cover the bottom. I turned it on High for the first two hours and on Low for the last two.


Along with that I got a gravy mix to make it a little more saucey, and some noodles to eat with it.


After It cooked for about three hours I pulled it apart with a fork and added some gravy to the crock pot.


Then all I did was cook some pasta and served it up to my roommate. It was really good and it also made great left overs for a few days. I guess I’ll chalk this up as a success.


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