How to get through the two weeks before a break

Its February 22nd! That means I have just under two weeks of classes before spring break. Half way through the spring semester! yay! So I figured I write the top things I do when a break is coming up!

  1. Make a List: This is actually what I do all the time. I love to make lists! But when a break is coming I like to write out ev:erything I need to do before I go home. Mostly school work and exams are on this list but if I know my work schedule I will write this into the list too. Making the list and getting to cross things off is like a daily reminder that I’m a step closer to break.
  2. Clean: This may sound silly but who doesn’t like to come back to a clean house. So leading up to a break everyday I clean something in the house. So that when I come back everything is neat and in order
  3. Eat at Home: This one is important because I don’t want food that I bought to go bad, so I try to eat meals at home so the food gets used up before I leave.
  4. Get all work done: Before a break I try to get all of my school work done so it’s one less thing I have to do while on break. So if there is an assignment due when we get back, I try to get it done before I leave. It also keeps you from procrastinating and waiting until the night you get back and having to rush and do it then.
  5. Pack: This doesn’t mean put everything in a bag and have it ready to go, but it doesn’t hurt to start to think about what you’ll be doing while your gone and planning outfits. This also helps you to not take home your whole wardrobe (yes, I’ve done that).

So these are the things I do to get prepared for a school break! Let’s hope these next two weeks aren’t to terrible. 🙂


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