When your the only girl in a group of guys

I absolutely love my best friends, but they’re all boys, and that can get very lonely. Don’t get me wrong hanging out with these boys is one of my favorite things to do. But sometimes you just wanna talk about make up, or clothes, go shopping, get your nails done… girly things my boys are not interested in. But there are things that benefit you when your the only girl..

  1. Choosing where we eat: This is a great power of being the only girl for two reasons. The first is when you want something they often don’t say no because it’s something that will make you happy so they’ll feel less guilty when they ignore you to play video games later. The second is if you don’t wanna pick you can use the excuse that “they’re the men they should make the decision” works every time.
  2. Having chosen big brothers: I live in a family of three girls and I’m the oldest, so sometimes having that big brother figure to talk to is great. They offer any advice you need and it’s especially great when it’s a boy issue.
  3. There’s little to no drama: When your the only girl in the group of boys there’s never anyone trying to out do you. You could look like complete crap one day and you’ll still be the best looking one 😉
  4. Dirty Jokes are always welcome: Sexual references, dirty jokes, and personal burns are a daily occurrence in the guy world. So as a girl in that group you can openly just say these things and not be looked at like your crazy.
  5. They don’t ever judge the amount of food you eat: As a girl who loves food, boys are always up for a 10pm taco bell run with you.
  6. They’re like a thought vault: You can literally tell them anything your thinking, whether it’s about your personal life, or just something silly, boys don’t talk. Even if you were talking to them about their best friend, their lips are sealed.

I love all three of my boys, and we may cause a ruckus when we all three are together, But I wouldn’t trade any of these goofballs for anything. They are my best friends, and I’m super lucky to have them.


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