So where was I?

Feeling so overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings that you can’t write…

That’s what was keeping me from writing the last two weeks. But yesterday when I told someone I was blogging again, they made me realize something. That’s when I should have been writing, not shying away from it. My blog is my place to express myself creatively, emotionally, however I need to. And to hear that this person was kind of disappointed that I stopped just because I was unsure of my posts made my heart hurt. They told me they saw me being so proud of what I was doing and the little bit of success and views I was reciving. It made me realize that I really do love this and I want to keep doing it.. So I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.. 

It was also nice to take some time away and spend spring break with my family, friends, and boyfriend and not worry about getting a blog post up.. To be honest I didn’t even get to work on my school projects I planned to. But I’m back from break, feeling determined to kick the second half of the semester in the face! So Look forward to my thoughts, ideas, crafts, outfits, and anything else I think of 🙂 spring is coming and lots of new posts!


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