My Netflix Recommendations

I often see my Facebook friends asking for suggestions of new movies or shows to watch on Netflix. Recently I have been getting to the end of all the series’ I was watching and had to find new things to watch. If I watch a TV show I like for the entire series to be on there so I’m not left hanging at the end and waiting for more, but with some shows I’m not so lucky. Anyway here are the things I would recommend to watch on Netflix right now if your looking for something!

  1. Friends: Last winter I watched the entire series in about two months. It’s funny and light heated no matter if it’s your first time seeing the episode or the 100th time.
  2. How I Met Your Mother: I watched this series as it was on TV, but re watching it on Netflix allows me to catch things I never noticed before and watch everything in order so you can see the story play out.
  3. Glee: I’m also re watching Glee currently. Just last week Netflix posted the last season so I am quite happy to watch it in its entirety. Look forward to a post when I’m done about the different impact Glee has on an adult in their 20’s than it had when I was a 16 year old.
  4. Scrubs: I loved scrubs. Watching it on Netflix was the first time I’d seen the shows and they are sooo funny, and I fell in love with the characters immediately!

Netflix series!

They are shows produced by the Netflix company. SO they only release one season at a time, but they are the shows I make an exception for the whole series not being available.

  1. Orange is the New Black: This show is a bit racy, but if you can handle sensitive topics like homosexual relations, transgender individuals, rape, drugs, and lots of sex talk I would recommend to watch this! You get completely sucked in
  2. Making a Murderer: When I watched this I told everyone about it! It’s like a documentary but its so interesting you can’t stop watching until you find out what happens!
  3. Fuller House: Of course I had to put this in here. I loved this show. It reminded me so much of my childhood and I thought it was super cute.

There are bunches of more shows I could suggest, and I didn’t even talk about movies. Maybe I’ll come back to movies later! But these are some of my favorites that I would recommend to anyone. I hope to check some out!


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