I feel a gripping tightness in my chest,
struggling to get to the surface like

a child who can’t swim

for just one breath.

The immense fear of

failure is holding me under.

I know how to swim

kick, kick,

that’s all there is to it.

Yet, why am I unable to achieve success?

Is it the depth of where I am?

Water so deep and dark, like the

unknown of outer space.

Feeling nothing beneath me

causing me more fear.

Or is it the uncertainty

of what’s surrounding me?

Lost, having no clue where

I am, like a lost puppy in a big city.

The water sloshes around me

like a water slide, as I paddle

towards the surface,

but this isn’t fun like that.

There is still something

in my way, and I have no idea what.

Whatever it is I’m terrified,

and I can’t hold my breath

any longer.


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