When you know I should be a teacher

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about school. We were talking about an upcoming project and I got really excited to do it just because it let me use my future educator skills. We laughed for a minute and then began talking about all of the qualities we possessed that prove we should be teachers someday.

  1. We love to whip up a PowerPoint or worksheet. This may seem silly but anytime that a project needs a worksheet I am all about it, and that goes for PowerPoint presentations as well. I suppose this is the artistic side of me, but I really enjoy preparing these things.
  2. Making up activities is a breeze. No matter what I’m doing  I’m always trying to make up something to do, weather it’s for a class or the child I’m babysitting. So when it comes to making classroom activities my imagination runs wild.
  3. Organizing is a piece of cake. There’s no denying that I love to organize things. Label makers, plastic drawer organizers, even folders and notebooks make me happy. Don’t even get me started on planners, they make my life complete. As soon as I step foot into an office supply store, I instantly start thinking of my future classroom.        3.5. School Supplies. I don’t give this its own number but I probably should. School supplies make me so happy. Buying a new pack of pens, or some post-its just makes the inner teacher in me feel complete.
  4. DRESS CLOTHES! I don’t even need to dress up yet and I love to walk down the isles of dress pants and nice shirts. Just something about them makes me excited to get dressed up everyday. Sometimes I even get lost in pintrest looking at “teacher outfits”.
  5. Future Planning. No I’m not writing up lesson plans in my free time, but every time I come across something I find useful or I could use to teach later I make a note of it, or save it. Writing notes in my books as I read of things I would teach.
  6. All the work I’m putting into my degree. This can sound cliche, but I’m doing everything I can to become a teacher. Being an education major isn’t an easy job, I’ve never met someone in the education field that says school was a simple. There’s not only degree work, but state testing to go through as well, and hours and hours of reading, writing, creating, studying, observing, teaching small lessons, student teaching, and more. Anyone who can manage that, plus have a social life, maybe a romantic relationship, and work to pay their way through school and where they live, all while still aspiring to change the world as an educator is someone special. And I’m glad I’ve become friends with these amazing people.

No one told me this would be easy. I’ve been told “I won’t make much money”, “I’ll constantly have to be working on something”, “sometimes you get classes from hell”, “sometimes you get the best class in the world”, “there will be moments when you may have to make huge choices that will change a students life”,” your going to get mad”, “your going to have your feeling hurt”, “Your so small students won’t respect you”, “Your crazy why would you want to teach teenage brats”……. No no one has ever told me teaching is an easy job, but every single teacher I’ve ever met has told me it will be worth it, and that’s all I need to know.


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