Unexpected Visits

I barely recognize you.

It’s been years

since I last saw you.

Come sit down,

tell me about your


Oh stop it,

don’t cry over

how much you miss me.

Your tears are as useless as

pennies in today’s society.

I’m always right here.

I want to hear about you.

If this was about me,

you would come over more often,

maybe hang out like we used to.

All I want is for you to stop

every once and a while and pop in,

say “Hi.”

So go ahead,

you know I always keep


I can give the Big Guy

any message you want.

That’s why you’re here right?

To ask me to tell the

man in charge your sorrows

and get you help fixing them?


I wasn’t listening

what did you say?

Don’t be upset

I was just ignoring you like you do me.

Where are you


You have to leave already?

You’re a busy bee aren’t you?

No it’s okay I’ll be right here next time

you need me.

Resting all day like a kitten,

rotting like an old banana peel,

waiting longer than Forrest waited on Jenny,

just make sure you don’t step

on my true friends on you way out.


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