Welcome to Senior year… kinda

This is it, I should be so excited to finally be a senior. In high school being a senior is such a big deal. You’re the top dog in the school… but that’s not how it feels in college. Especially since at the end of this senior year, I won’t be done with school. Knowing that I’ll have another year after this kinda puts a damper on that high school senior feeling you would think a college senior would also have. Another thing is in college you’re never the oldest. There is ALWAYS someone around who is still older than you, unlike in high school when you’re all about the same age and been on this journey together since day one. So yes starting my first senior year at LHU is exciting, but it also doesn’t feel like I should be here yet. The four years of high school took what seemed like forever, but college is nearing an end with some of my good friends and it feels like just yesterday I met them. In this first week I am filled with mixed emotions about being a technical senior, and maybe next year it’ll feel more real, more like I’m only a few short years to adulthood, hopefully landing my dream jobĀ  (more on that to come possibly), marrying the guy of my dreams and starting a family….. but it’s scary to think that I’m closer to all that than I am to my high school prom. So here’s to the start of “senior year” part one and all of the craziness that comes along with it.

(The Picture is my favorite prom picture of Joel and I)