Day 1: Discuss your current relationship

Well, I don’t really know that there is to discuss haha. I met Joel in 10th grade in math class and the rest is history..But for real. In 10th grade, we met through a mutual friend and we became really great friends ourselves. We were texting and sitting with each other in other classes besides math. Throughout this time, I was dating another boy but was ultimately crushing on Joel. Over the next year, our relationship was filled with innocent texting conversations, tweeting back and forth to each other, and meeting up between classes just to talk for a few moments. I went through a break up with that boy I was dating but did not tell Joel because he had already let it slip that he thought he might love me, and I was in no place to jump right back into a relationship. For a few months, we just hung out and talked until I was finally ready to have a new boyfriend.. and here we are almost 5 years later. Now we spend a lot of time apart because of me being at school three hours away, but every day he makes me feel just as loved as if I were there. At this point, we’ve had many ups and downs, good days and some of the worst, and everyone’s favorite questions is “when are you two getting married?”. Joel is my best friend and I don’t need to be married to him to love him or for him to know how much he means to me. Someday when we have the money and time to be married we will be, but for now, I’m perfectly content just dreaming of being Mrs. Joel Anthony Brozovic someday as I fill up my many wedding Pinterest boards with impossible wedding plans.

(Pictured is us a month or two into dating back in the spring or 2012 next to us just last week celebrating our 5th thanksgiving together.. not much has changed except camera quality and we look a heck of a lot less awkward next to eachother)

***Don’t forget to check out Bubbly Bubbie Blog tomorrow for Day 2: Where would you like to be in 10 years?


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