Day 3: What are your top five pet peeves?

This one was tricky but I think I got it!

  1. Being Late: I can not stand being late to anything, I will leave my house ridiculously early most days just to ensure that I won’t be late. That works the other way too, I hate when I have to wait on someone. If they tell me to meet them somewhere at a certain time then I expect them to be there… I don’t wanna sit and wait 15-20 minutes for them to show up when they made the plans.
  2. Being told about a surprise: I am extremely guilty of doing this but it also drives me crazy. I don’t mean someone spoiling a surprise, I mean when someone says “I got you something” or “I have a surprise for you”. Like I said I do this all the time to my boyfriend, but I absolutely hate when he or anyone else does it to me.
  3. People that chew loudly: It just makes my skin crawl when you can hear every single bite of a persons’ food… slurping soup also falls into this category
  4. When people ask how you are but keep walking past you: this happened much more in high school than it does now but there was always that person that would try to converse with you in the hall but keep walking so I was never sure if I should answer or not if they kept walking.. like if you really wanted to know how I was wouldn’t you had stopped to talk to me?
  5. People who complain but don’t take action to fix what bothers them: in my home others often complain something is a mess or something wasn’t done, but you never see them actively doing it. They just expect it to be done for them and when it’s not they get upset!

***Don’t forget to check out Bubbly Bubbie Blog tomorrow for Day 4: Discuss your views on religion***


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