Day 7: What were your favorite childhood toys

As a kid, I didn’t have any siblings until I was 5. One toy I loved was Barbies. I had cars, and houses and dozens of dolls with kids and boyfriends and lots and lots of clothes to put on them. I’m sure my mom loved dressing Barbies in tons of outfits for me every few minutes. One toy I always remember was called a Big Soft Kelly

One toy I always remember was called a Big Soft Kelly. One Christmas that was all I wanted and my family played a trick on me and made me think I didn’t get it, but they were just hiding it till the end. I played with that doll so much that a few years later they got me a second one.

After that, I found out build a bear and I was in love. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve made bears there. My Aunt used to take me there on my birthday and I made one for like three years in a row with her. To this day I still sleep with one but this one my boyfriend made me back in high school. When I was a kid though I carried my bear around in a harness like a baby and I’m pretty sure I carried a baby bag full of the bear stuff. My First bear was named Tabby and I do still have her, but by now she has lost all of her accessories.

s-l225And the last thing I can remember was wearing dress up clothes. I LOVED TO DRESS UP! my cousins and I would, my sisters would with me, and even at my dad’s when I was alone I would play dress up. I used Dress up clothes, as well as old clothes that we found in my Geegum’s basement.

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