Bonus Day! Day 14: What is your earliest memory?

So Alisyn forgot to prepare for today so I’m filling in!

My earliest memory is something that I just was talking about with my boyfriend not too long ago. My earliest memory is from when I was three years old. I remember standing on the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland. I have no idea who was standing around me, but we were on a family trip so I assume it was them. I remember standing on the wall along the edge of the sand where people sit. Wearing just a t-shirt over my bathing suit, and sandals. I remember jumping off the wall down into the sand. And that’s really it.. as a small child you can only remember so much. I know that day I got my stuffed white cat from the Kite Loft store. My Aunt had bought a stuffed animal for my two cousins and I. If I’m correct Andrew got a frog and Nicky got a dog. I still have that stuffed cat, she’s been through a lot with me and to this day sleeps in my bed every night.

Now, my mother remembers this event way better than I do. It was the first time her baby was at the beach. Actually, this summer when we were there for my 21st birthday she took me to the exact spot. It’s little things like that, that kids remember. I don’t remember anything thing else about my first trip to the beach, and I’m sure all of my family tried to make it something special. When all they needed to do was let me play in the sand and buy me a new toy to make me happy.

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