Day 15: 15 interesting facts about yourself

Oh goodness 15 interesting facts about me…How about we just make it 15 random questions!

1.What’s a nickname only your family calls you? Scoob, J, Bug, Sissy
2.What’s a weird habit of yours? I love getting the sock fuzzies from between my toes at the end of the day and I can’t go to bed unless I do
3.Do you have any weird phobias? I do not like tube waterslides for fear that my tube will come out from under me and I will be stuck in the tube slide
4.What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast && belt out when you’re alone? Gotta Find You from the Camp Rock soundtrack
5.What’s one celebrity you wish you could be? Carrie Underwood duh!
6.What’s one of your nervous habits? I bite the insides of my mouth when I’m overwhelmed or nervous about something
7.What side of your bed do you sleep on? I sleep mostly in the middle but on the left side of my body
8.What was your first stuffed animal && it’s name? I know she wasn’t my first by my stuffed white cat Crystal is the first one I remember
9. What’s drink you always order at starbucks? Iced passion tea with lemonade and sweetener is always my go to.
10.What’s the beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice? I always tell my little sister to take her make up off before bed every night, but there have been days where I sleep in my make up and just wear it all day the next day
11.Which way do you face in the shower? I face the water when I wash my body and face, but face away when I wash my hair and shave
12.Do you have any weird body skills? no my body’s pretty boring, all I can do is put my feet behind my head
13.What’s your favorite comfortfood/food  thats bad but you love to eat it anyway? Deep Fried Pickles from Rutter gas station
14.What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say? I don’t say a phrase often, usually, I start saying hip lingo like “fleek” and “lit” ironically but then it slowly becomes meaningful haha
15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing? I usually wear a bigger t-shirt that either mine that’s too big, or my boyfriends and depending on the weather sweatpants or Nike pros

***Don’t forget to check out Bubbly Bubbie Blog tomorrow for Day 16: What are your views on mainstream music*** I feel bad that she’s getting all the serious ones so show her some love too!


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