Day 19: What’s your biggest regret in life

My biggest regret in life is not telling people how much they mean to me. I constantly think about my Aunt that pass when I was 10 and often wonder if she really knew how much she meant to me. She wasn’t just someone who would get me the things my mother said no to, she wasn’t just the owner of the purse I dumped out on the floor every sundy to examine the contents, she wasn’t just someone who I expected toys from every time she came to nan’s to do laundry,  she wasn’t just someone whose stuff I thought was cool to play with, and I often wonder if she knew that.. Yes, she did all of those things and much more for me. She introduced me to photography, which I still love, she taught me to follow my dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem, and she did all of that while still seeming like the coolest person in the entire world to me. And my biggest regret is that as a young child I never thanked her for everything she did. Sure I probably said please and thank you, and I love you whenever I saw her but did that really tell her how much she meant to me. Would she believe that I carry around a simple pin that she made in college, or that I got and image of that pin permanently tattooed on my body along with her signature. Would she believe that when I feel at my absolute lowest, and I have nowhere else to turn, all I wish I could do was talk to her… I don’t know. I’ll never be able to know. And that is why not expressing how much someone means to me is my biggest regret. I’m still really bad at this as a young adult, I’ve had people walk out of my life without me letting them know how I feel, but her..  My aunt, is the one that I still 11 years later, regret the most…

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