So for New Years Eve my boyfriend, his brother, and sister in law and I went to New York City (look for a post later) so obviously I had to look great!

fullsizerender-jpg-2 fullsizerender-jpg-3

I wore my favorite Celebrity Pink skinny jeans, some cute black booties my mom got me for Christmas, a nice mauve strappy tank from Charlotte Russe, with a plain black cardigan, and a silver Nine West crossbody bag that belongs to my baby sister! I was super comfy yet cute AF!

fullsizerender-jpg-4 fullsizerender-jpg-5

Look for more NYE posts like “What to carry in a Night Out bag” and “My NYE in NYC experience” along with other post coming soon! Happy New Year Everyone!!fullsizerender-jpg-15


I got a thing

So this is like a first impression post. My face wash stopped working after using the same kind for a few years. So I purchased this new face wash at Weis. I smells so good and leaves my face feeling really soft. I’ll update later with how it’s performing, but upon the first day of use I really like how it makes my skin feel. The only downside is there are the little jelly beads in it and it’s hard to wash all of them off so you have to wipe them off with a washcloth, but overall I like it so far!



My outfit today was playful and comfy. It was great for a chilly morning but an afternoon that heated up nicely!  

My flannel was from Walmart maybe a year and a half ago, the tank underneath that says “I eat glitter for breakfast” I bought at khols but I also found it on amazon if your interested in getting one, my leggings are basic black ones from Victoria’s Secret, and for shoes I have a classic pair of Converse!  

Things I don’t need

Recently I’ve been feeling like I needed to clean out my life, So whenever I come across something I’m not wearing or using I’m trying to use it up or throw it away. This is not something that comes easy for me. I am a person that keeps everything, notes, school papers, free sunglasses I never wear, clothes that no longer fit or are not in the best shape, dead pens… I keep everything. So with this change in my mind I went through my secondary makeup bag of things I don’t use on a daily basis and threw away some products that I can’t remember the last time I used them.


The left is and unmarked chap stick and the right is a cream eye shadow that I never usedIMG_7589IMG_7590

The left is a ELF clear brow gel and clear mascara that is empty so here is no reason to keep it.The right is an unmarked eyeliner


The left is a white Halloween makeup product and right is an LA Colors eyeliner that never really worked for me.


Left is one of my favorite products that I’ve repurchased a bunch of times. it’s and ELF concealer, but this one was just about empty. Right is a Babylips chap stick I never liked.IMG_7595

And this is a dried up liquid eyeliner from LA Colors.

Along with these things I’ve been throwing away other make up products and nail polishes that can’t be saved. Hopefully I can keep the clean out going and when the seasons change get rid of any winter clothes I didn’t wear. πŸ™‚


Alternative ways to remove nail polish (test)

So I ran out of nail polish remover the other day, but my nail polish way looking pretty rough after a week of having it on my nails.


I began to think about what else I could use to get it off. Picking it off is horrible for your nails so I chose against that. I looked up three different ways to take off nail polish and found a few that I could try.

  • Hair Spray
  • Body Spray/ Purfume
  • Fresh Nail Polish

First I tried the hair spray. I sprayed some on my nail, and wiped it off with a cotton pad. I was hopeful for this one but it did absolutely nothing.


So I moved on to the Body Spray. Again I did the same thing, and Nothing….


The last one I wasn’t to hopeful for, it seemed silly to put more nail polish on when I was trying to take it off. But then I learned that nail polish only hardens because a certain chemical evaporates out of it. So when you introduce that chemical again, it becomes soft again. So it worked! I was so happy to get it off. It did take a few applications of the polish and then wiping it off.


But after a few coats of polish and some patience it all came off nicely and I’m super happy with it. So if you’re ever low on nail polish remover, just apply some more nail polish and it’ll come off in no time.


A Make up look that is sure to WOW your Boyfriend

IMG_7452I was thinking about make up the other day, and came to a realization that my boyfriend couldn’t care less if I’m wearing make up. He’s never going to notice that the purple eye shadow makes my hazel eyes “pop”. He doesn’t know what I’m talking about when I say my cat eye is perfect, and he certainly doesn’t care that I can’t find the perfect foundation color because he doesn’t understand why I put make up on if you can’t see it. My boyfriend would prefer to see my face the way it is. Not caked with creams and powders that have altered me appearance. Don’t get me wrong I love make up. I love tutorials on you tube, I love looking at all the new products and reading reviews, and I love trying to create looks on my own face. But that’s the point it’s something that I love. I’m not doing it for any one else. My boyfriend loves the true me, he didn’t ask me out because my eyebrows were “On Fleek” he asked me out because he was interested in the real me. So if you really want to put on a make up look that will have your boyfriend drooling, put the brushes down and the palettes away, wash your face off, and be yourself πŸ™‚

Oooo Burn!

I try to take good care of my face, washing it with face wash that is supposed to help my skin and with acne. At the end of January I was in a bad habit of not washing my face and just using a make up wipe to get the make up off. One night i decided to start washing my face again. I’ve been using the same products for years but i don’t usually use both at the same time….that was my mistake.


Now this picture was when i first woke up. My skin looked all red and itched a bit, it also felt very dry and was very warm to the touch. Soon i realized that I combined the chemicals in the two face products and basically caused a chemical reaction on my face. I immediately washed my face with a soft soap just to get the rest of the product off of my skin. It took all of my patience to not just put foundation on and forget about it but my skin needed to breathe.

*Make sure when using face products that have power chemicals in them to not combine them. and if is is a severe burn make sure you see your doctor. I was luck that mine didnt cause peeling or scabbing, and now i know to be much careful with the mixture of products.


Nails for Valentines Day part 2

I had all intention to create another nail look but I just got to occupied and didn’t get to it. But never fear I still have something to share! 

My manicure for Valentines Day week (one of the only weeks I wear red polish on my fingers) is super simple.

I used a Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear” nail polish that I got for Christmas. It’s in the color 570|390 Red Carpet. The color is a deep red with small grain glitter. But when applied the glitter is hard to see. Anyway it’s a pretty color for my Valentines week.  

BUT… I wasn’t going to leave you hanging without any nail inspiration. On my Timehop app today I was suprised with this photo and thought I would offer it as a nail art idea. 

It’s very similar to what I did last week except I was more adventurous two years ago. I love mixing the black with the red, and even layering differs types of polish. If your interested in any of these polishes in the photo leave me a comment and I’ll got through my nail polishes and figure it out!


A valentines day make up look

I love make up so I decided to do a valentines day inspired look. Now please excuse these pictures they aren’t the best, and I only focused on my eyes because of a skin issue I am having on my face πŸ™‚


I decided to use my Elizabeth Arden Night palette that I swatched and linked to inΒ  previous post. To create my eye look I used the cream color Bone on my brow bone. Then on my lid I used the color Pearled Kiss. Then in my crease I used Party Plum which is the purple on the top row, and Night Owl the brown on the top as well. IMG_7462

I just blended all of the shadows together until I was happy with the look. Next I applied Prestige black eyeliner on my water line, and Maybelline Line Stiletto on my lash line. IMG_7465IMG_7468

Finally I applied Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect on my lashes and curled them.


I am super happy with this look and I think it’s cute and girly and pink/purple, and a great eye shadow look for valentines day.


Nails For Valentines Day Part 1

I love to paint my nails, but in recent months I’ve lost my patience and I’m not as good at it as I used to be. Here is what

IMG_7430I used two polishes ULTA’s Tinsel Town which is no longer available, and Wet N Wild 449c but really you can use any white and purple you would like


What I did was pretty simple. I just painted my nails like normal and then used the white to create a heart accent nail. These are super simple and a easy way to start celebrating valentines day πŸ™‚