A New Game I’m Playing

During finals week I was really stressed so I decided to download a game to help me relax. It is available for free in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. It is called Disney’s TsumTsum powered by the Line app. The basis of the game is to connect matching Disney and gain not only coins but points. There is daily missions and bingo games you also play with achievements. My whole family play’s it and helps each other out and it is so much fun! I would really recommend it if you like matching skill games.



My first week with the FitBit

This past week I started using my sisters Fit bit. She got it for Christmas and wasn’t using it so she let me borrow it. I didn’t really have a reason to use it. I don’t like work out and stuff I was just interested in what it did and could tell me. SO I’ve been wearing it all week and having fun with the information it gives me. I like knowing my steps and I’ve even started competing with my friends to see who can walk more. Overall I do really like it, and I’m going to be sad when she takes it back from me. But until then I’m going to use it. Maybe I’ll write another update in a few weeks!

So where was I?

Feeling so overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings that you can’t write…

That’s what was keeping me from writing the last two weeks. But yesterday when I told someone I was blogging again, they made me realize something. That’s when I should have been writing, not shying away from it. My blog is my place to express myself creatively, emotionally, however I need to. And to hear that this person was kind of disappointed that I stopped just because I was unsure of my posts made my heart hurt. They told me they saw me being so proud of what I was doing and the little bit of success and views I was reciving. It made me realize that I really do love this and I want to keep doing it.. So I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.. 

It was also nice to take some time away and spend spring break with my family, friends, and boyfriend and not worry about getting a blog post up.. To be honest I didn’t even get to work on my school projects I planned to. But I’m back from break, feeling determined to kick the second half of the semester in the face! So Look forward to my thoughts, ideas, crafts, outfits, and anything else I think of 🙂 spring is coming and lots of new posts!

So I’m still here!

Hi everyone, so it has been four or five days since I’ve written to you all. I’ve just been busy with school work since next week I go home for Spring Break. I’ve also just had a lot on my mind and didn’t really feel like writing. SO bare with me the posts will come back once I get back into my groove!



A sonnet for a sonnet

Your idea stirs inside my head,

as I greatly await your birth.

Without you my major is dead,

and I sit here without worth.


One day in the future soon,

I shall teach about your form.

Knowledge flowing like a typhoon,

students minds will transform.


Back to the present,

as I sit here and think.

Rearranging words, trying to invent,

almost successful, on the brink.


Finally my masterpiece is done.

“Ha-ha poem, this time I won!”


Scrubs is a medical comedy tv series that aired from October 2, 2001, to March 17, 2010. The series follows the lives of employees (such as JD, Turk, Carla, Elliot, and many more) at Sacred Heart hospital and their journey from medical intern all the way up to teaching med school. Seeing as I was a young child when it first aired I did not watch it originally, but this past summer I saw it on Netflix and began to watch it after I finished Friends because I needed a new series to watch. I did not go through this one as fast as I have other series’s, but now that I am done with it I am actually really disappointed.

I finished the series last night and I am left feeling very conflicted on my opinion of the series. When the ninth season starts the setting and characters shift a bit. Instead of JD and Turk (the main characters) working side by side in the hospital, the hospital is torn down and rebuild on a Med-school campus, and they become “professors”. As soon as this season started I didn’t really like it as much the previous ones, but I gave it a chance because I had already put months of my life into this show.

Now that I have finished it, I am actually really upset about how it ended. The show honestly never really had an ending it just kind of stopped and left a lot of story lines unfinished. I really hate when shows do this, but it usually happens when a show suddenly gets taken off air unexpectedly which may have happened (I don’t know that was 6 years ago) If it did run its full course, the ending was very disappointing and i would had rather it ended after season 8 when JD left the hospital for a new job.

I guess I just have to live with the ending I got and start looking for my next Netflix series to binge watch.

Update on the blog..

So as I’ve been writing I still haven’t decided what my main purpose is with the blog. It’s more just kind of somewhere I can express what I’m feeling and thinking, and I hope everyone’s liking that. It’s kind of a hodgepodge of different types of post which I hope is appealing to different types of viewers…

For anyone who reads my blog no matter what it is thank you for bearing with my crazy thought process haha. I love seeing people actually visiting my blog. So thank you again.

I really like what I’m doing with this which is just writing what I feel, and if I’m absolutely not feeling anything I just don’t post ( which I’ve had a few of those days ) I don’t wanna define this as a beauty blog, or a family blog, or even a journal blog. I just want to be me, expressing my 20’s through digital posting, and if no one as any problems, I’m just gonna keep trucking!

I will admit now that school has started there may not be a post everyday, but I’m certainly going to try! If your only interested in certain kinds of posts I have been categorizing them so you can go into that category if you would like as well. 😀

Have a good weekend everyone!



My Baby Boy

Today my boyfriend called me with news that our baby piggle had passed. We have not had the best luck with guinea pigs, but this isn’t going to get us down. Probably not anytime soon but I’m sure we will get another one or two but for now were just going to try and not be to upset about losing our baby! Mommy and Daddy love you Olaf and I hope you have lots of fun with your brother pigs that have gone before you!