What to carry in a “Going Out” bag

When I was getting ready to go to New York for new years eve I was very careful to pack my small bag with everything essential, and it was actually really helpful. No, I didn’t use everything but I’m glad I had it just in case. I was actually surprised how much I fit in this bag.

  1. My Wallet: I didn’t take my full sized wallet because that would had never fit in my bag. So I chose a smaller change purse that was Vera Bradley. In there I took cash, my debit card, my ID, and my health insurance card because you never know what going to happen.
  2. Beauty Products: I took a small pouch in with emergency beauty products like..
    1. Band-aids
    2. Summer’s Eve wipes to go
    3. ELF oil blotting sheets
    4. A floss/toothpick
    5. Hair tie
    6. Bobby-pins
  3. Make-up: I brought a few make-up items because I was gonna be away for 24 hours
    1. Eyeliner
    2. Concealer
    3. Mascara
    4. Face powder/Brush
  4. Mirror: Because your phone camera doesn’t always work
  5. Hand Sanitizer: Becuase New York City haha
  6. Rollerball Perfume: After hour 7 I was glad I had something to freshen up
  7. Ipod/Iphone: I took my phone and an Ipod just to ensure I wouldn’t run out of battery
  8. Headphones/Dongel: Duh!
  9. External Charger
  10. Our party Tickets
  11. Our Train tickets
  12. Comb
  13. Hairband: Incase I wanted to switch to an updo
  14. Ibuprofen: This saved me and my boyfriend at about 3 am!

New York is always a hard trip, especially when you’re running on no sleep so I was thankful to have packed everything to make our trip successful!


Day 21: What is one of your favorite TV shows and why?

My Favorite TV show is a hard choice to make. I love so many shows of different genres. One TV shows that I can watch no matter how many times I’ve seen it is How I Met Your Mother. I  just stumbled upon it a few years ago and instantly became obsessed. I then made my boyfriend watch the entire series, and before the series ended Joel and I would watch it every week. I don’t know what it is about HIMYM but I love it. I love the actors and characters they play so much.

Day 19: What’s your biggest regret in life

My biggest regret in life is not telling people how much they mean to me. I constantly think about my Aunt that pass when I was 10 and often wonder if she really knew how much she meant to me. She wasn’t just someone who would get me the things my mother said no to, she wasn’t just the owner of the purse I dumped out on the floor every sundy to examine the contents, she wasn’t just someone who I expected toys from every time she came to nan’s to do laundry,  she wasn’t just someone whose stuff I thought was cool to play with, and I often wonder if she knew that.. Yes, she did all of those things and much more for me. She introduced me to photography, which I still love, she taught me to follow my dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem, and she did all of that while still seeming like the coolest person in the entire world to me. And my biggest regret is that as a young child I never thanked her for everything she did. Sure I probably said please and thank you, and I love you whenever I saw her but did that really tell her how much she meant to me. Would she believe that I carry around a simple pin that she made in college, or that I got and image of that pin permanently tattooed on my body along with her signature. Would she believe that when I feel at my absolute lowest, and I have nowhere else to turn, all I wish I could do was talk to her… I don’t know. I’ll never be able to know. And that is why not expressing how much someone means to me is my biggest regret. I’m still really bad at this as a young adult, I’ve had people walk out of my life without me letting them know how I feel, but her..  My aunt, is the one that I still 11 years later, regret the most…

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Day 17: List your highs and lows in the past year

For some reason, the year 2016 has been made into a meme of lows for everyone, but when I really look back on it, it’s hard to find lows for myself. I had a lot of great things happen for me.

  • I turned 21 and had an amazing birthday weekend with some of my very best friends
  • I got a new baby sister Addie
  • I successfully took two summer courses while working crazy hours and still managing to find time for fun
  • I took on driving
  • I’m finishing out probably one of the most successful semesters I’ve had since like sophomore year of high school
  • I’ve spent tons of time with the people that mean the most to me in life

That’s just to name a few things… Finding lows is really hard because all of my lows are in my head… There was a point this past year where I really shut everyone out. I spent hours on the phone with my little sister just telling her everything I was thinking and feeling. Things I probably wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. I got to a point where I felt like I couldn’t talk to my friends, my boyfriend, or even my mom because just no one understood me but my sister, and honestly I don’t think she understood either. Really I just think she tried to understand because she was worried about me. All this began happening around the same time I kind of stopped writing my blog… I didn’t know how to express my emotions without feeling vulnerable to people who personally knew me and read my blog. I don’t know if it was my relationship being a little rocky, or school just draining me of all my effort, or even things being tense with my mother for a bit, but I just wasn’t myself. This would probably be the biggest low I’ve had in a long time, not even knowing who I was, what I wanted, where I wanted to go with my life, who my friends were. All of these things were right in front of me, but my own dark cloud over my head wouldn’t let me see it.

I wouldn’t trade the people in my life for anything in the world! I have an amazing family who love me to death, I have a boyfriend whose been through hell and high water with me, his family that treats me like the daughter they never had, and some of the best friends a girl could ask for (some who even read my blog when they see it;)) I know I was a bit moody, and not myself, but I wanna thank all of you, Mom, Alisyn, Joel, Lauren, and bunches of others for loving me until I was through exploring myself and being all meh.

I’d say my biggest high was having all of these people here to get me through the low, whether they know they did or not!

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Day 15: 15 interesting facts about yourself

Oh goodness 15 interesting facts about me…How about we just make it 15 random questions!

1.What’s a nickname only your family calls you? Scoob, J, Bug, Sissy
2.What’s a weird habit of yours? I love getting the sock fuzzies from between my toes at the end of the day and I can’t go to bed unless I do
3.Do you have any weird phobias? I do not like tube waterslides for fear that my tube will come out from under me and I will be stuck in the tube slide
4.What’s a song you secretly LOVE to blast && belt out when you’re alone? Gotta Find You from the Camp Rock soundtrack
5.What’s one celebrity you wish you could be? Carrie Underwood duh!
6.What’s one of your nervous habits? I bite the insides of my mouth when I’m overwhelmed or nervous about something
7.What side of your bed do you sleep on? I sleep mostly in the middle but on the left side of my body
8.What was your first stuffed animal && it’s name? I know she wasn’t my first by my stuffed white cat Crystal is the first one I remember
9. What’s drink you always order at starbucks? Iced passion tea with lemonade and sweetener is always my go to.
10.What’s the beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice? I always tell my little sister to take her make up off before bed every night, but there have been days where I sleep in my make up and just wear it all day the next day
11.Which way do you face in the shower? I face the water when I wash my body and face, but face away when I wash my hair and shave
12.Do you have any weird body skills? no my body’s pretty boring, all I can do is put my feet behind my head
13.What’s your favorite comfortfood/food  thats bad but you love to eat it anyway? Deep Fried Pickles from Rutter gas station
14.What’s a phrase or exclamation you always say? I don’t say a phrase often, usually, I start saying hip lingo like “fleek” and “lit” ironically but then it slowly becomes meaningful haha
15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing? I usually wear a bigger t-shirt that either mine that’s too big, or my boyfriends and depending on the weather sweatpants or Nike pros

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Bonus Day! Day 14: What is your earliest memory?

So Alisyn forgot to prepare for today so I’m filling in!

My earliest memory is something that I just was talking about with my boyfriend not too long ago. My earliest memory is from when I was three years old. I remember standing on the boardwalk in Ocean City Maryland. I have no idea who was standing around me, but we were on a family trip so I assume it was them. I remember standing on the wall along the edge of the sand where people sit. Wearing just a t-shirt over my bathing suit, and sandals. I remember jumping off the wall down into the sand. And that’s really it.. as a small child you can only remember so much. I know that day I got my stuffed white cat from the Kite Loft store. My Aunt had bought a stuffed animal for my two cousins and I. If I’m correct Andrew got a frog and Nicky got a dog. I still have that stuffed cat, she’s been through a lot with me and to this day sleeps in my bed every night.

Now, my mother remembers this event way better than I do. It was the first time her baby was at the beach. Actually, this summer when we were there for my 21st birthday she took me to the exact spot. It’s little things like that, that kids remember. I don’t remember anything thing else about my first trip to the beach, and I’m sure all of my family tried to make it something special. When all they needed to do was let me play in the sand and buy me a new toy to make me happy.

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Day 7: What were your favorite childhood toys

As a kid, I didn’t have any siblings until I was 5. One toy I loved was Barbies. I had cars, and houses and dozens of dolls with kids and boyfriends and lots and lots of clothes to put on them. I’m sure my mom loved dressing Barbies in tons of outfits for me every few minutes. One toy I always remember was called a Big Soft Kelly

One toy I always remember was called a Big Soft Kelly. One Christmas that was all I wanted and my family played a trick on me and made me think I didn’t get it, but they were just hiding it till the end. I played with that doll so much that a few years later they got me a second one.

After that, I found out build a bear and I was in love. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve made bears there. My Aunt used to take me there on my birthday and I made one for like three years in a row with her. To this day I still sleep with one but this one my boyfriend made me back in high school. When I was a kid though I carried my bear around in a harness like a baby and I’m pretty sure I carried a baby bag full of the bear stuff. My First bear was named Tabby and I do still have her, but by now she has lost all of her accessories.

s-l225And the last thing I can remember was wearing dress up clothes. I LOVED TO DRESS UP! my cousins and I would, my sisters would with me, and even at my dad’s when I was alone I would play dress up. I used Dress up clothes, as well as old clothes that we found in my Geegum’s basement.

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Day 3: What are your top five pet peeves?

This one was tricky but I think I got it!

  1. Being Late: I can not stand being late to anything, I will leave my house ridiculously early most days just to ensure that I won’t be late. That works the other way too, I hate when I have to wait on someone. If they tell me to meet them somewhere at a certain time then I expect them to be there… I don’t wanna sit and wait 15-20 minutes for them to show up when they made the plans.
  2. Being told about a surprise: I am extremely guilty of doing this but it also drives me crazy. I don’t mean someone spoiling a surprise, I mean when someone says “I got you something” or “I have a surprise for you”. Like I said I do this all the time to my boyfriend, but I absolutely hate when he or anyone else does it to me.
  3. People that chew loudly: It just makes my skin crawl when you can hear every single bite of a persons’ food… slurping soup also falls into this category
  4. When people ask how you are but keep walking past you: this happened much more in high school than it does now but there was always that person that would try to converse with you in the hall but keep walking so I was never sure if I should answer or not if they kept walking.. like if you really wanted to know how I was wouldn’t you had stopped to talk to me?
  5. People who complain but don’t take action to fix what bothers them: in my home others often complain something is a mess or something wasn’t done, but you never see them actively doing it. They just expect it to be done for them and when it’s not they get upset!

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I turned 21? I got my permit? I took summer classes?


Yes, I did all of those things and I have tons of stories to tell. In the last two months, I turned 21, got a new baby sister, completed 2 summer classes, got my driving permit, and much much more! But through all that, I didn’t forget about my blog I promise! I was super overwhelmed and busy but… IM BACK and there is a few more weeks till school starts so I can get back to writing and sharing with all of you. I know I’ve had a few people ask why I stopped writing, but no need to worry I didn’t give up, I just took a short leave of absence. So see you all tomorrow!